Feed Additive Technical Support

We work with clients to help them supply safe, sustainable, and nutritious feed and animal products to the world.

All-natural, specialty-type feed additives require greater controls than commodity-type additives -- CSP has the experience and resources to support both.

The core objectives of our technical support services are to explain the basic principles of our products -- such as active components, modes of action, and their respective benefits -- and to provide tailormade solutions that are based on your feed-formulation needs.

But our services don’t end there. Our ultimate goal is to develop, build, and sustain long-term partnerships with our worldwide customers. We’re in this industry together, and we all benefit when we work together to supply safe, nutritious, and sustainable animal products to the world.


In addition to technical support, CSP provides the following services:

  • Feed Analysis
  • Raw Material Analysis
  • Feed Formulation and Nutritionist Assistance
  • Marketing Assistance, Organic Feed Programs, etc.
  • Veterinarian and Animal Health Assistance (Vaccinations, Diagnoses, and Treatments)

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Since 2004, CSP has been providing tailormade solutions to manufacturers’ and producers’ unique challenges, worldwide.

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Quality Assurance

Our robust QA program meets strict safety and traceability standards to ensure your feed is of the highest grade.

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State-of-the-art facilities are equipped to produce premixes, blends, conversions, encapsulations, and much more.

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Worldwide manufacturing facilities and well-established logistics partners mean we can meet all delivery demands.

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