Feed Additive Manufacturing

State-of-the-art facilities equipped to produce premixes, blends, conversions, encapsulations, and much more.

We specialize in manufacturing our own Natura Feed line of products, including a range of trace mineral premixes and specialty ingredients for livestock and poultry.

Accuracy and consistency become very difficult when blending low-inclusion ingredients or converting products from one form to another. That’s why CSP focuses our manufacturing capabilities on a select number of specialty products which, when supported by our vast technical experience, allow us to maintain the highest standards in our products.

Our manufacturing process starts with in-depth reviews of our suppliers and thorough analyses of product samples at our in-house or accredited third-party labs. Once we’ve ensured that we’re dealing with only the best-quality raw materials, we use our cutting-edge software to automate the weighing and mixing of ingredients, and the formulation of the final product.

CSP’s expert manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Encapsulation
  • Dry Ingredient Blends
  • Trace Mineral Premixes
  • Micro Ingredient Blends
  • Liquid-to-Powder Form Conversion

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Since 2004, CSP has been providing tailormade solutions to manufacturers’ and producers’ unique challenges, worldwide.

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Technical Support

We work with clients to help them supply safe, sustainable, and nutritious feed and animal products to the world.

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Quality Assurance

Our robust QA program meets strict safety and traceability standards to ensure your feed is of the highest grade.

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Worldwide manufacturing facilities and well-established logistics partners mean we can meet all delivery demands.

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